Monday, 12 August 2013

History and Quirks

We hope you will enjoy a little snippet of information about our beautiful crochet doilies. 
The name actually originates from the french word, 'crochet' meaning 'hook', which involves creating an intricate fabric from yarn or thread using a crochet hook. 

We cannot pinpoint a specific time in history when this delicate craft began, however its popularity is well recorded throughout Europe in the 19th century. Queen Victoria even learnt the time-consuming art of crochet herself after purchasing a collection of Irish Crochet lace. This helped crochet become more fashionable as new, more elaborate and complicated designs evolved into the Edwardian era. 

Today, crochet designs are published in an extensive range of imaginative patterns and are created in breathtaking detail and colour combinations. 

Along with the vintage revival, crocheted doilies have been given a new lease of life despite their historical function to protect surfaces. Their beauty overrides this and they can be decorative as well as inspirational, often spotted at tea parties adding a little hint of old-fashioned charm. They can be circular, square, oval, floral or even snowflake shaped to name but a pretty few.

Crochet has its own unique symbol system enabling you to create stunningly beautiful mathematical like structures, however it does require great patience and precision, particularly when you are a beginner like me...

Images courtesy of VintageFieldandGardenCrochetvolution and Arthur Rackham.

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