Saturday, 2 November 2013

Vintage Lace Hanging Glass Lanterns

Meet our 'Vintage Lace Lanterns' they come as a delightful matching pair and are available in two different colour combinations. Our square glass jars are covered with vintage lace and finished off with a pretty little bow and mother of pearl button. 

Not only do they look beautifully delicate but they cast stunning patterned shadows in the darkness. They would be a perfect feature on a fireplace for winter warmth or hanging in your outdoor garden.


Our lanterns are made from quality glass jam jars and can placed on a surface or be hung by their twisted wire hinged loops. Each lantern has been decorated with lace, high quality grosgrain ribbon, bakers twine and a mother of pearl button. The majority of our lace is vintage; many pieces dating back over a fifty years. Every product we create is therefore unique with its own elegant, vintage charm. All lanterns include an original ‘Daisies Blue’ nametape on their base to complete this design.