Sunday, 31 January 2016

Tea at Cafe Rosalie!

It really made us smile when one of our customers recently shared the following photograph with us. The descriptive tag line reads... "It's a busy day over here at Cafe Rosalie." 

Angela, Mummy to beautiful Rosalie below, bought a length of our 'Honeysuckle' vintage doily crochet bunting a while ago, little did we know it was to creatively decorate her pretty little child's kitchen. We love to design and make for little ones, and I am sure you will agree Angela has well and truly displayed our bunting beautifully. Thank you very much for sharing x

'Honeysuckle' Vintage Crochet Doily Bunting

This particular design is created on a pretty floral tape and includes complementary shades on pink, purple, green, white and beige. You can view our most recent length of 'Honeysuckle' bunting in our shop here! 

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Our Vintage Crochet Bunting Features on the Chirping Frog Blog

It was lovely to discover that the very kind Margot Mantle featured a length of or 'Fern Primrose' vintage crochet doily bunting on her blog 'The Chirping Frog'. This is a fun blog that features an extensive range of posts about crafts, decorating and flea market finds. I think our designs fitted perfectly under her blog post entitled '10 Fun Ways to Repurpose Grandma's Doilies'.

'Fern Primrose' Vintage Crochet Doily Bunting

 'Fern Primrose' Vintage Crochet Doily Bunting

This particular design of vintage doily bunting is made from a refreshing selection of shades, including lime, apple, gold, lemon and white. To view this design and our extensive range of vintage bunting garlands and homewares you can view our view our shop here!

 'Fern Primrose' Vintage Crochet Doily Bunting

Our shop is changing and growing all the time so do keep an eye out for our new designs arriving. We offer a pretty range of vintage bunting, tablecloths, doilies and more.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Beautiful Bunting Branding by Bubble and Bird

We were absolutely thrilled when the lovely people at Bubble and Bird contacted us all the way from Australia to purchase some of our vintage doily bunting and hand crocheted vintage doilies to use in branding and displaying their new and exciting range of children's toys.

Bubble and Bird sell a gorgeous range of little wooden toys ranging from pretty pink birthday cakes to camper vans, rocking cows to fishing boats! You really will have to take a look at their wonderful shop!

"Our aim at Bubble and Bird is to provide a beautiful range of unique and interactive wooden toys for little people."

All photos are courtesy of Bubble and Bird and all products featured are © COPYRIGHT 2015. 

"Each item within the Bubble and Bird product range has been carefully hand selected with the hope that these beautiful products will grow with your child, nurture their natural curiosity and desire to explore and support their natural development."

It is sooooooo wonderful to see our bunting and doilies showcased in such a fun an inspiring way. This specific design is 'Spring Cornflower' and can be viewed in our shop by clicking here!

 Vintage crochet doily bunting 'Spring Cornflower' design

Vintage crochet doily bunting 'Spring Cornflower' design
Happy browsing!