Meet Blue and Daisy

We thought you might like to meet the creatures behind the scenes of 'Daisies Blue'...

Once upon a time there was a handsome boy called Blue who had a mischievous playmate called, Daisy.

Meet Blue...

Meet little Daisy...

They are the best of friends and rarely spotted apart; if Blue is taking a snooze, you can be sure to find Daisy chasing the shadows around him, a little bundle of fluff who’s always ready to play.

Snoozy Blue

After a long day of scampering, seeking out the sunshine and chasing after ‘Willow’, a long-legged bear, Blue can be found snuggling up with Daisy for a well-deserved nap.

Bright eyed Daisy ready to pounce

A brightly coloured little mouse is little Daisy’s favourite toy, and she loves nothing more than pinching treats before affectionately cuddling up on your knee.

These two characters are the inspiration behind the scenes of Daisies Blue. The love and joy which they find in each other has inspired our creations which we hope you will, in turn, love and cherish just like our friends, Blue and Daisy.

Snuggle Time!

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